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Amcat Syllabus and Exam Pattern 2016

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Amcat Syllabus 2016: AMCAT is Also Known as Aspiring Minds Computer Adaptive Test and AMCAT is one of the largest Exam in India for Recruiting the Employs for the top Companies By Conducting the a online amcat test. This AMCAT is Organized By the Aspiring Minds Assessment Pvt. Ltd. AMCAT test will conducting to the candidates to recognize the Skills of the Students. By conducting the amcat exam they will test the reasoning and aptitude, Technical Skill set of the Candidates Who wants the Employability.
AMCAT Reduced and Solved the Difficulty for Companies in Selecting good  and Talented Candidates within a less time , AMCAT also Reduced the Problems for the Job Aspirants to apply every company and attempt the every test and every interview.
AMCAT is started in the Year 2007 in the Gurgaon. The Funders of AMCAT is Varun Aggarwal and Himanshu Aggarwal. Now AMCAT Is an Most desired Employability Assessment For The Job Seekers and this amcat test was recognized by the Many of the top Companies like Accenture, Cognizant, Infosys, HCL, Mind Tree, Wipro, TCS,Sonata Software and Many More Companies.

Uses Of AMCAT Exam:

Amcat Helps the Companies for selecting the right and Suitable candidate for their requirements by assessing the Candidates Skills in the Reasoning and Quantitative aptitude and Technical Skills.
AMCAT Helps the Students and Job Aspirants to Get the Dream and Suitable Job Based on their skills and Performance in the amcat examination.
By amcat exam the students or job seekers will analyze their Strong and weakness in their Skill set. It was very useful to the Job Aspirants to improve their performance and the skills in the weak areas.
Many of Companies are Treating AMCAT is One of the Employability Certificate for job aspirants. Through this Amcat Exam only they will select the Students.
Amcat Is Very Useful for the students or Job aspirants and the companies to selecting the Dream Company and selecting proper candidates.

AMCAT Syllabus and Exam Pattern For 2016:

AMCAT Exam will be in objective type Questions and Dos Not Have the Negative Markings. Amcat Exam having the two different modules they are
1.      Compulsory Module
2.      Optional Module

Compulsory Module:

In the Compulsory Module All the Job Aspirants Must and should attempt the all questions from all the categories and the compulsory module contains the below.
Questions on: Logical Reasoning
Questions on: Quantitative Ability
Questions on: English Comprehension
Questions on: Aspiring Minds Personality Inventory (AMPI):  

Optional Modules:

This Module is the optional for all the Students and Job Aspirants
Questions on: Computer Literacy test
Questions on: Computer Programming Principles and Application test
Questions on: Electronics and Semiconductor test
Questions on: Civil Engineering test
Questions on: Mechanical Engineering Test
Questions on: Finance

About English Comprehension Test:

English Comprehension Test is conducted for the students to test their skills in the English language and Ability to manage and understand the company, different regions of people because all the companies deal with the different locations so English is playing a rapid role in the promotion of the company. So This test is necessary for all job aspirants.
By Using This English Exam they will test
>Syntax and Sentence Structure
>Comprehensive Exercises
>Usage of Suitable Phrases
>Time management

About Quantitative Ability Test:

By using this Quantitative Ability Test they will determine the ability of the candidates in the basic understanding of the numbers and their applications and also test the candidate’s ability to convert the real problems into the equations and ability of solving of real world problems.
By Using this test They will Examine the Candidates
>Ability  understanding of the numbers and their applications
>Ability in Solving Real World Problems By Using Maths

About The Logical Ability Test:

In this Test they will test the candidate’s ability in both the numeric’s and verbal’s. In this  test they will examine the candidates ability in analyzing the problem and finding of loop hole in the proposed system and solving of the problem . These abilities very useful for every company growth.
By using this test they will examine
>Understanding and Analyzing of given information and deriving conclusion from the given Information.
>Creative skills of the candidates
>Critical thinking and Solving of Critical Problems

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